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About Eidas Dog Training


Hi, my name is Gary and I am the Principal Instructor at Eidas Dog Training.

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope here you will find helpful, positive support and information to help you get the results you want in making sure your dog is well behaved and well mannered. Whether through our dog training classes, face-to-face services or on our online dog club. Me and my team are passionate about dogs and about helping you as owners every step of the way!

I live with my partner Rob, living in Whittlesey just outside Peterborough, I provide my services and classes locally in Peterborough, Whittlesey, Eastrea, March & Thorney. My mum Pat trains the classes in Kensworth, Near Dunstable in Bedfordshire.

I am a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in Dog Training and Behaviour (which is the gold standard of dog training qualifications) with over twenty years’ experience of running dog training classes and events. Me and my team have developed a sound, well-structured training programme that works well for both dog and owner. But we also understand the importance of using the correct method of training to suit the individual dog and owner.

We balance our experience and heritage, with the latest science-based dog behaviour techniques, teaching methods and technology to match owner learning styles in a friendly, supportive, and down-to-earth approach. We are dog lovers who want to help other dog lovers get the best out of their dog.

All our dog training is reward-based. No harsh methods, just simple and fun! We are not harsh to owners either! No criticism, blame or standing in judgement. We focus on the serious business of making sure your dog is well behaved, well-mannered, and friendly, but we do it in a light-hearted way that makes it enjoyable for all. We do not use harsh, punitive methods, we keep it simple and make the learning fun for your dog and you!

We also offer online training programmes and consultations on this website and via our free mobile app so you can benefit wherever you are in the world.

I hope to see you and your dog soon, or to meet you online in our online dog club!

Best Wishes

Gary Ⓥ

Principal Instructor


Meet The Eidas Team

Experienced Dog Loving, Kennel Club Accredited Dog Training Team

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Gary Gregory

Principal Instructor
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor

Gary is a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in Dog Training and Behaviour. He was brought up in the dog world showing and working dogs since he was seven. He qualified as a Canine Hydro-therapist before studying Veterinary Pharmacy which led him into working in Public Health and teaching Animal Care in adult education.

He has been running dog training classes for twenty years, been Head Of Canine Sports Science at the National Lottery Funded Canine Sports Academy and was Assistant Group Steward at Crufts Dog Show for ten years. He is qualified to judge breed and agility competitions.

Growing up Gary showed and worked the family breeds, but when given the chance in his teens he switched to owning, showing and working Springer Spaniels.

He runs Eidas Dog Training and is President of the dog charity the Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust.


Pat Gregory


Consultant Obedience & Ring Craft Trainer
Founder Of Eidas Kennel Affix

Pat founded the Eidas Kennel And Breeding Affix back in the 1970's, named after her first dog Sadie (Eidas backward). Originally one of the first female zoo keepers, her passion for dogs quickly grew and took over.

She first bred, showed and worked German Shepherd Dogs, then Shelties, Border Collies and Pembroke Corgis. In recent years she has owned Golden Retrievers and Petit Basset Griffon Vendéens.  

Over the last fifty years she has judged dogs and examined Kennel Club Schemes. Dogs she has owned and bred have been successful in breed, obedience and agility competitions. Her dogs have also starred on TV. She is a regular competitor at Crufts.

Over the years Pat has held many positions in dog organisations and has been a dog trainer since the 1970's with a wealth of experience in all breeds. She stills owns the Eidas Kennel Affix and is still active in the dog world. She is Patron and Trustee of the dog charity the Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust.


Rob Hilton

& Ozzy

Assistant Trainer
Business Manager

Rob is Gary's partner so is heavily involved in the daily logistics, administration and operational side of Eidas Dog Training as well as assisting at dog training classes. 

Rob is a consummate professional, who adores dogs and is known for being patient and caring. Rob is a whizz in the kitchen and makes homemade natural dog treats that you will see at training classes. Rob also helps create the online training video content.

Rob helps oversee business strategy, marketing and social media. He owns two Sprockers Oscar and Helios. 



Little Heli

Chief Treat Taster
Training Video And TikTok Star

There are so many dogs current and past that have been owned by Gary, Pat and Rob that we couldn't name them all, as much as we would like to.

But we did want to introduce you to Helios the newest member of the team owned by Rob and Gary.

As well as being the cutest sprocker puppy in the whole world (we might be biased) you will see Heli star in our online content and Puppy Foundation Training videos.

You can also follow Helios on TikTok

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Kennel Club Accredited Instructors

The National "Gold" Standard

Choosing the right dog training instructor is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for you and your dog. As Kennel Club Accredited Instructors, we have undergone training, qualifications and assessment and are now approved by The Kennel Club to carry out training within our specialist areas.

The KCAI Scheme is the only scheme for dog training instructors and canine behaviourists that has achieved programme accreditation from City and Guilds, a globally recognised benchmark of quality.

It takes a minimum of five years to gain Kennel Club Accredited Instructor status, so you can understand why we are so proud to be one of only a few trainers locally to have this Kennel Club Accredited “Gold” standard of service.

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Barking Heads

It's what we feed our own dogs!