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Training Classes And Social Events

A Great Way To Train And Socialise Your Dog And To Make Friends!

We have over twenty  years’ experience of running dog training classes in Pet Obedience, Ring Craft, Agility, FidoFitness and Flyball at various venues and more recently our new classes near Peterborough. We also run several members social events during the year to help our members meet other dog owners and their dogs; to help support each other and have fun!

New group classes, times and locations are being added all the time, so remember to keep checking this page or follow our  social media feeds for the latest new class details.

You can securely book classes and events online below, and on our free mobile app.

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Dog Training Classes We Offer

Our dog training classes are reward-based. No harsh methods, just simple and fun! We focus on the serious business of making sure your dog is well behaved, well-mannered and friendly, but we do it in a light-hearted way that makes it enjoyable for all.

Classes are reward-based, fun, informative and original. All our classes are fully insured and led by a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor. We believe 'it's all about the dog' and 'training the dog in front of you'.

Whether this is your first puppy or rescue dog. Maybe you have had your dog for a while and are looking to train in an exciting new activity or maybe you are having some problems with your four legged friend? Then you have landed in the right place as we have the right training class for you!

At Eidas Dog Training we are positive and experienced and love working with all types and ages of dogs, so look at our class list  and get in touch to start to build an awesome relationship with your dog in a fun and exciting way.


Puppy Obedience Training Course

For Puppies Under 12 Months

Our fun, friendly, positive reward based puppy training classes take place indoors. Teaching basic manners and getting your puppy socialised with other people and dogs.

Obedience Training Courses

For Dogs Over 6 Months

We have a structed Bronze, Silver, Gold and Advanced Obedience Training Class Programme to hep you develop your dogs manners, behaviour and obedience skills. Using latest reward based techniques and making sure they are always fun for you and your dog.

FidoFitness Classes

For Dogs Over 6 Months. Workout With Your Best Friend (Your Dog).

FidoFitness is our great fun way to get fit with your dog. Taught by a Kennel Club Accredited Dog Agility Trainer and Qualified Personal Trainer this class will give you and your dog a workout, improve your fitness and is great preparation to build solid foundation obedience skills and fitness in an outdoor environment which is vital for Agility, Flyball or Cani-X.

Ring Craft
(Show Dog) Training Classes

For Any Age Dog

Getting your dog to perform in the show ring is a lot harder than it looks. It takes many hours of dedicated practice to build the skills and rapport that are necessary to do well in a competition. We have all the experience you need to help you improve your ring craft skills whilst having a lot of fun along the way. We will show you how to improve your handling skills and how to present your dog in the best way possible.